This weeek we are learning from experience - from the technical staff behind PlanGrid, Pebble, Segment and more ...more
In Week 6 Patrick Collison discusses how he kept happy and Science Exchange CEO discusses the replication crisis ...more
Halfway through and we have been selling with Tyler Bosmeny and recruiting a team with Harg Taggar and Ammon Bartram from TripleByte ...more
In week 4 of Startup School 2018 we have been learning about product design with Garry Tan, writing content with Craig Cannon and handling PR with Kat Manalac. ...more
Startup school continues into week 3. This week we are mainly staring at retention curves! ...more
Successful artists are single-founders with technical chops. Each work is a product and they are the salesman. When successful, they build a studio and start a movement, make tons of money and earn a place in history. Maybe we should be studying them not using them as code for failure. ...more
Startup school continues into week 2. This week we are building product and dreaming of product market fit. ...more
Thorny can make us 10x greater designers by allowing us to manage all the decisions in our projects without ...more
Startup school starts with a dramatic switcheroo and Thorny is delighted to be along for the ride ...more
If you care about truth, perhaps simplicity should be seen as a slick salesman that should put you on guard rather than make you more trusting of its truth. ...more
What could we do if we were not held back by complexity? We need a new approach because the world is not simple. We like to believe truth is always elegant and just hides under unnecessary complexity. ...more