Don't simplify your problems

We urge each other to simplify. We treat complexity as a wrong turn. We have learned to reject complex problems because they will defeat us. It will be wasted effort, so why try? Give up, run away. Don't complicate. Don't be an over-thinker. Find something easier.

Thorny does not simplify problems, it makes complexity simple to work with

But are we still solving the right problem? How often do we fall victim to the streetlight effect?

What could we do if we were not held back by complexity? We need a new approach because the world is not simple. We like to believe truth is always elegant and just hides under unnecessary complexity. We hope a clever insight can brush it off and reveal its true nature but no, it is the knots and tangles that command whether a solution is great. If your problem truly matters, you cannot ignore the hard bits.

If we seek excellence, we must embrace complexity

Problem-solving with Thorny is special because it lets you run head-long into complexity without fear of being overwhelmed. So long as you can articulate the tangles, Thorny will do the heavy lifting, and you can solve the right problem.