Delightful Decisions
Interactive notebook for
designers, engineers and leaders
to make tough decisions

Thorny helps creative thinkers tackle design and strategy problems where tangled reasoning becomes overwhelming. With simple lists you can create thousands of interconnected decisions which automatically update as you refine your reasoning.
Thorny is an outliner with special bullets that bring your thinking to life
Decisions are made with chains of reasoning
Quickly explore variations of ideas
Tangle decisions together to capture complexity
Full spreadsheet power in an outliner
Combine reasoning with data and formulas
Take reasoning out of your brain to increase the number of decisions you can keep active
Overcome choice anxiety and indecision by capturing nagging doubts as they occur
Tackle real-world problems without over-simplification and compromise
Updates ripple through your reasoning allowing you to cope with change at the bleeding edge
Quickly express reasoning to play, brainstorm, and discover new ideas
Weave small decisions into powerful strategies by aligning their goals
Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide
N. Bonaparte